Rally Reading Series

Overtly Political Literature

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It’s a place where readers, writers, activists, and citizens find the stories they have in common. The Rally began as a one-time event in November 2016, one week after the election of Donald Trump. The open-mic platform promoted catharsis: a place where people of all stripes could take the stage to express their anxieties before a supportive audience.

Now, following live readings, writers engage the audience in brief conversation: listeners can ask questions, offer their own thoughts, and respond in any way that is respectful and productive. The themes and the topics addressed vary greatly from show to show, but the central mission remains the same: to provide a platform for underrepresented or disenfranchised individuals whose voices are luminous and necessary. In those stories we hope to find actionable, meaningful ways to cultivate change, and advance a stronger future for our community and democracy.



Call to Action

Another central tenet of our show is the “actionable” part—the readers will collectively suggest either an organization for the audience to donate to, a call to service of some sort, a recommendation for sparking debate within their community, or suggestions for how to confront prejudice/injustice. 


Where readers, writers, and activists find the stories they have in common.